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Privacy Policy of Okyhindi.com

Hello everyone! Please know properly about the privacy policy of okyhindi.com.

Your privacy is very important to us. But we can not guarantee this. 

All internet users very well aware of the security of online data system. Because there are always chances of being missed in it. 

Therefore everyone should take care of their safety during online visit. 

For this, preference should always be given to visiting online through an encrypted data system. 

No personally identifiable information is used by okyhindi.com. Nor is any information sold. 

We only try to the best performance of our blog. 

So please do not share any rude comments and bulgar links on this blog. Also use it correctly. Otherwise your comment can be deleted and you can also be blocked. 

If anyone suffers any loss or damage during its online visit. So it would be just a coincidence. Therefore okyhindi.com is not responsible for this. 

Google AdSense or Advertisement

Advertisement of various advertisers can also be displayed on the blog through google adsense or other advertisers. 


Cookies may be used to display these advertisements through them. If you provide your consent. These cookies are very small files. 

So that you can get ads according to your maximum interest.  

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links can be used for promotion and remarketing of various products through our blog. 

Third Party Links

Links to other websites may apper on our blog. Cookies can be used through them. 

We do not have any control over these third party websites. If you click on these links. So these websites will be available in front of you. 

Therefore, before using them, it is recommended to carefully check their privacy policy. So it should be taken special care of. 

For Children

No bulger or rude material of any kind is presented on this blog. So children can use it for information. 

If yes you are under 13 years of age. So please do not visit this blog. 

Policy Change

The privacy policy of okyhindi.com can be changed at any time as required. And its information will be updated on this page. 


If you all visit this blog. Then you will agree on its privacy policy. 

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